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CMS on Facebook

Let’s be honest here, most of us use Facebook and check it quite frequently, more so than emails sometimes! (and even more so than we’d probably like to admit!)
That being said, you can get up-to-date CMS notifications in the palm of your hand by liking our schools Facebook page!
Our page will keep you up to date about upcoming events as well as reminders about early release, hot lunch, fundraisers, and other Montessori articles and community events we think you may enjoy.
So click the link, click “like” and enjoy some Montessori in your newsfeed!

The school also has a social page for parents to get together outside of school for special outings and play dates. Some of our parents have started this page and plan to update it with events. They also plan to send an email out soon explaining it more! Until then, check it out!

Monday, Sept 14 NO SCHOOL due to dangerous air quality.