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Our Mission

We recognize each child to be uniquely gifted and precious possessing a drive to develop themselves. Our educational goal is to provide supportive guidance in an enriched environment based on observation of the children’s interests and needs such that they can continuously rise to meet their potential.
What does Camas Montessori School offer?

  • Classroom student to adult ratios of 10:1
  • Clear limits in the classroom to ensure progress, safety and concentration
  • Sequential progress in phonetic reading
  • Family involvement and an open relationship between parents and teachers
  • Opportunities for each child to develop independently and at their own pace
  • Emphasis on respect of others in a Montessori setting

The Curriculum

The curriculum includes instruction and exercises in practical life, sensorial education, mathematics, language arts, geography, nature and botany, handiwork, art and music.

These subjects are taught using Montessori equipment designed to stimulate self-teaching. The environment is one in which the basic virtues and values are consciously fostered.

An integral part of the Montessori process includes work activities which are chosen by the children themselves. Work materials have a fixed place in the classroom and are returned after use, emphasizing that job completion and sharing with others are key life skills.