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10 Easy Ways to Support Camas Montessori School (CMS)

Like all Washington public schools, Urban Montessori depends on your financial support and enthusiasm. Our school has three big fundraisers each year: the fall Campaign, the spring auction and the student-centered fund drive. Please take the time to think about how you can get involved! 

1. Annual Fund Drive

We invite you to support our school in an on-going Capital Giving Campaign. This important fund raising campaign provides support to many areas of great need that will help Camas Montessori thrive and become an important component of life in our community.

Our goal is to raise $10,000. Whether your family contributes $1, $10, $100 or $1,000, every donation counts and is tax deductible.

2. Wear a CMS T-shirt or sweatshirt

CMS T-shirts are a great way to support our school and promote greater awareness of CMS across Camas. Students love to wear them, and they are included as part of our school’s dress code. T-shirts are available in youth and adult sizes. Check in the school office for child and adult sizes $12-$18

3. Join the Fundraising Team

We are parent volunteers focused on raising money for CMS and having fun while doing so. There are many ways to get involved. From spending a few hours on a project to leading an event, all help is welcome! There are plenty of ways to volunteer outside of school hours too! Send an email to to join our Google group.


4.   amazon_smile.png

Shop on Amazon? Be sure to use Amazon Smile and designate Camas Montessori School as your charity. It just takes one click to set up, and you’ll see Supporting: Urban Montessori whenever you use Amazon Smile going forward. The school gets a small percentage of every transaction. Go to Be sure to tell family and friends!

Annual CMS Auction
Box Tops for Education

5. Box Tops for Education

Send your boxtops for education tabs into school. Each one earns the school 10 cents. Last year’s labels earned the school over $150.00!
Run for the Arts

6. Run for the Arts

This is our form of “March of Dimes” where the children collect ‘pledges’ from sponsors paying so much $ per lap they will run or walk around the school. Each lap must equal 1/4 mile. The children will have 30 minutes to run as many laps as possible. All money collected from this event goes toward our Young Audience performances for the school. (Success: For 2017 we raised over $4000!)

7. Scholarship Fund

Tuition assistance is critical to keeping education at Camas Montessori School accessible to all.

8.  General Unrestricted Gifts

Donations for this general purpose fund would serve many needs within our school and help keep tuition fees ow enough that students from the entire community would be able to attend. Areas that would be of focus: classroom materials and furniture, playground improvements, teacher salaries, staff development and community involvement.

9. Gifts of Stock or Other Property are Great!

While cash donations are fully tax-deductible, please check with your accountant about the tax-liability, if any, from other donations.