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Complete this Volunteer Opportunities form and email.


Parents are required to fulfill at least 20 hours of school support valued at $10/hour. You may opt out of school support for a $200 donation. Executive Board Members are exempt. Parent Committee Members earn 2 hours for every meeting attended.

We ask that you check 2 (two) main events (see next page) plus whichever classroom activities with which you can help. Please return this form to your child’s classroom teacher.

We also ask that those of you who are available during the day, please leave the activities that can be done at home for those parents whose volunteer time is more limited.


  • Laundry: take home classroom towels/rags to wash and dry them. The children can fold them at school. 2 hrs. per month
  • Library books: select 15-20 children’s book from the library to put in classroom book corner. 2 hrs. per month
  • Listen to Readers: Come to the school in the mornings once a week (or more) to listen to children read to you. We will provide instructions. Can earn up to 2.5 hrs per day
  • Pet assistance: provide food and/or litter as requested. Can spend $10/
  • Technical/Computer help: help with school website, internet, etc. 1 hr. per hour worked.
  • Social Media: post events and articles on social media w/office approval. 1 hr. per hr. worked
  • Substitute: Help in the classroom as an assistant if a staff member is sick. 3-6 hours per day
  • Handy Person: Repairing classroom furniture/items, replace light fixtures/ handyman stuff. 2 credits per 1 hour worked because of the labor involved.
  • Box Tops: Collect box tops for Education labels. We will send home the labels once a month for you to trim and sort and prepare for mailing. 1 hour per month
  • Fresh flowers: Each classroom has a Flower Arranging exercise for the children and occasionally we need a bunch of flowers for it. Spend up to $10/week; seasonal; probably 4-6 weeks
  • Fresh veggies: Each classroom has a Food Preparation exercise for the children and occasionally we need some long carrots or cucumbers for peeling. Spend up to $10/week, seasonal.
  • Hot Lunch: Help with serving and/or picking up from New Seasons for our hot lunch program from 11:45-12:30 once a week. 1 hr. per week worked.
  • Sewing classroom materials: Sometimes a classroom needs small cloths made or new aprons or even plastic card envelopes. 1 hour per hour worked.
  • Assist with Morning Drop-off procedure. Help staff walk children from drop-off to their classroom from 8:15-8:30am. 1 hr. per every two days worked.
  • Provide classroom materials as specified by teacher. A teacher may need some dishes, trays, or other type of classroom lessons. 1 hr. per every $10 spent.
  • Help setting up for naps 12:00-12:30. Help assistant set up cots in nap room. 1 hr/day
  • Special Events:
    • Mother’s Day Tea: Dads that can help set up/clean up 1 hour per hour worked.
    • Graduation: 4 year old parents willing to help with our “Senior- Graduating- Class” 1 hour per hour worked.



We ask that you check 2 (two) main events


Since we are a non-profit, fundraising keeps tuition lower for all families. Below are a few of the annual events and how you can be involved in keeping our tuition lower. Tuition increases are kept at a minimum depending on what fundraising brings in. Tuition alone does not cover expenses.

  • Carnival: Once a year on the last day of school between 8:00-12:00. Help with set up, decorations, occupy a booth, cleaning up. The school has a format for the chairperson to follow. Up to 3 hours. Chairperson receives 10 hours. This is not a fundraiser.


  • Run for the Arts: in September or October, the children race around a ¼ mile area (park or track) for 30 minutes to earn pledged money to bring special cultural performances to our school through a program called Young Audiences. Earn 1- 2 hours during event. Chairperson receives 10 hours.



Misc. fundraiser: Sales catalog or other before Thanksgiving. Organize selling, order forms, pick up, sort and delivery. Earn 1-2 hours during delivery. Chairperson earns 10 hours.


  • School auction or other event: Large fundraising event which could be a raffle, art night or auction. This may include arranging to procure donations, setting up or cleaning up, decorations, etc. Chairperson earns 20 hours.


  • Parent Board: Our Parent Board is made up of volunteers from our school that will get together about once a month to discuss school events and help plan for them. Earn up to 2 hours per meeting
  • Fundraising Committee: This group is responsible for organizing events to raise money for school-related items such as classroom materials, playground items, classroom furniture, or improvement projects. Earn hours per event worked.
  • Social Committee: this group organizes events for CMS Families to get together outside of

school. Earn hours per event organized and attended.

  • Montessori Executive Board: This group meets quarterly to ensure the continued success of the school. Members are expected to serve no less than 2 years. Responsible for financial decisions regarding the school.


As you can see our school has many opportunities for you to be involved. If you have an idea that is not listed and you would be interested in pursuing this idea, please contact Donna at the school office.