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360-834-7434 Open 7AM - 4PM


CMS is holding our 2018 auction on Saturday, March 17th at 5:30 pm at the Lacamas Lake Lodge at 227 NE Lake Rd.  in Camas.

If you’ve already purchased your tickets, we are looking forward to seeing you!  If you haven’t, get them now before we are sold out.

What’s new with this year’s auction?

~ 1 in 25 chance to win 100 scratch off tickets.  We will only sell 25 raffle tickets @ $20 each for a chance to win who knows how much?

~Dessert Dash:  each table will bid on yummy donated desserts with those bidding the highest dashing to the dessert table to be the first to pick out your table’s favorite.

~Live Auction items such as trips to Idaho, Napa Valley, or Seattle (on Amtrak).  Guided fishing trip.  Seahawks, Blazers or Timbers tickets.  BUNCO at Donna’s house.  Classroom decorated items such as personalized plates, growth chart, or personalized vase.  More.

~Heads or Tails to win half the pot!  (Decided by a flip of a coin, auctioneer Doug Quinn will invite all who paid $5 to participate in H/T to stand.  Placing your hands on either your head or ‘tail’ you will slowly be eliminated as he flips a coin until we are down to the winner!

Per Governor Inslee regarding the Covid-outbreak, our school will remain closed until April 24 or until further notice.